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Myths about Witch Hunts

What most people know about witch hunts is not quite the truth. That works for us.

Posted on 2019/01/02 Continue reading
The Way We Tell the Story in Witchfire

Oh, so there is a story?

Posted on 2018/12/26 Continue reading
The Crossbow

Behind the scenes of gun-making. New feature: Question of the Week.

Posted on 2018/12/19 Continue reading
Witchfire, a Year After Reveal

What's the status of the game? Also, announcing weekly development updates.

Posted on 2018/12/12 Continue reading
Website Redesigned

Focus on Witchfire, occasional The Vanishing of Ethan Carter news.

Posted on 2018/12/05 Continue reading
Our new game, Witchfire

Our second project is a completely new direction for the studio but not for the people who are making it.

Posted on 2017/12/08 Continue reading

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