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Detailed GGU Patch Notes

...that also serve as sort of a guide.

...that also serve as sort of a guide.

Here it is, the list of things we worked on for the last five months or so. First the patch notes, then Known Issues at the end.

Witchfire GGU Patch Notes

New Feature: Gnosis

  • Detached Difficulty from Player Level

    Gnosis is the new system that changes the way we add new stuff to already known environments. On the Early Access launch, the game had its difficulty tied to the player level. Which kind of backfired and turned the game meta into being about how to not ascend your character too much. This is now hopefully fixed, as the difficulty is driven by Gnosis, and not the player’s ascension level.
  • New study area and station in the Hermitory

    This where you can raise your knowledge of Gnosis, the dark arts. Studying the witch magic has its benefits and downsides.

    • Bigger witchfire gain multiplier, applied on successful extraction.

      Note that we’ve adjusted the ascension level up costs to reflect that, so if you feel that ascensions are maybe getting too expensive, or there is not much to unlock in other stations – it’s probably time to raise your Gnosis level.

    • Access to things that require a deeper understanding of witchcraft, like gear enchanted with high level witch magic, occult events, or locations blocked by powerful spell.

    • New, more challenging and dangerous enemies and traps.

      The witch is scared of your growing power and adjusts accordingly.

  • Four Gnosis levels to unlock (for now).

    Note that Gnosis has unique objectives that don’t consume your resources. So you don’t have to pick between research or ascensions or/and new content. Just remember to level up Gnosis first, as sometimes there are objectives that require you to have certain amount of volatile witchfire on you.

Added new Gnosis screen, which will guide you through your Gnosis study, and tell you what achievements are required at any given point.

Redesigned Feature: Calamities

  • Keystone events and Calamity bar
    • Calamities are no longer random. Instead of being possible on every keystone event (the mistakes the players make, like triggering a trap that damages them), keystone events now modify the Calamity bar. Some actions make the witch charge her powers a little bit, others will make her focus on you completely. This change in general allows the players to track when the next Calamity is going to happen, and prepare for it.

    • Added new Calamity widget, which displays the current Calamity threat level, and updates with every mistake the player makes. It makes the whole system more predictable.

    • Moreover, when the Calamity starts, the new widget will show you what exactly you have to do in order to stop Calamity.

The Calamity bar
The Calamity choice

  • Calamity Gameplay Improvements

    • Calamity Catalyst is no longer visible on the mini-map, making looking for the source a bit of a spatial puzzle. It also changes the dynamic where it was always easier to look for it and destroy instead of fighting the Calamity.

    • Kill requirements have been lowered in every Calamity, to make them feel snappier, as some were totally dragging out the gameplay experience.

  • New Calamities

    • With this update, we are also introducing three new Calamities.

    • Existing Calamities were updated and improved, for example the Calamity during which you fight with the time slowed down and a sliver of health now properly slows down all enemy projectiles.

New Feature: The Collector

  • Unlockable in the Hermitorium at Gnosis I, the silent vendor offers you various remedies and equipment that can help in your expeditions.

  • As you’ll raise your Gnosis level, new powerful items will become available for purchase.

New Feature: Mirages

There is a total of four new tiny areas sealed away by the witch. With the right level of Gnosis and some witchfire, you can pry them open permanently. Just keep your eyes open for whatever valuables that are inside – some of them are quite powerful.

New Feature: Witch Vaults

  • Two new hidden dungeons have been added to the game – one on each map.

  • While most of Witchfire makes heavy use of procedural generation when it comes to composition of enemy forces and placement of traps, the Witch Vaults are custom-made, designed to provide a real challenge even for the most experienced and well equipped preyers.

  • Don’t expect to complete them on your first try – they are meant to be brutal, devious tests of your skills. But beating them will grant players valuable rewards that are unavailable anywhere else in the game.

Danger awaits…

New Feature: Player Classes

  • To support player fantasy, personality and playstyle, we’ve added six starting classes to the game. Ultimately, you can earn the gear that a certain class has and the other does not, so the choice only affects the opening hours.

  • One class, Penitent, is designed for the veteran preyers who want more challenge in their new playthrough. It is not recommended for the new players, as the first hours will be nothing but pain and misery for them.

  • Class selection allows to fully examine the starting stats and gear before making the final decision.


  • You can now create up to 12 different profiles

  • Completely free of charge!

  • UI: Added new screen which lets you change your profile, delete the old one, or start a new game. Please note that it’s only accessible from the main menu (if you want to access it from the Game Paused menu, simply go back to main menu first).


  • New entries, rewrites

    • A lot of the story-telling is still ahead of us, right now we’re focusing on the gameplay. However, we did write new lore entries and rewritten many of the existing ones. We encourage you to read them, in order to have a better understanding of the brutal world of Witchfire.

    • You can read lore when inspecting items you find during your expeditions, and gear you acquire from the Workshop mirror.

Redesigned Feature: Elemental statuses and resistances

  • Flexible Elemental status and damage

    • We initially intended for elemental statuses to be very clear: an enemy put on fire always receives 25% more damage for 8 seconds, poison always lasts 10 seconds and deals 8 damage per tick etc. This way the player knows exactly what to expect when they trigger one of the status effects.

      However, it turns out that not only did it hamstring us when it comes to creating interesting new weapons, spells, items, arcana, traps and enemies, but also made things incredibly hard to balance. Also, the combat in Witchfire is so fast and chaotic that it’s pretty much impossible to track status effects on individual enemies – so the main benefit of such a system wasn’t that useful.

      So we decided to let go of this assumption, and redesigned the elemental status system in a way that allows for effects that are stronger or weaker, longer or shorter, or anything in between. Now experimenting and fully understanding of your arsenal’s elemental capabilities becomes a core part of becoming a better preyer. Information on changes to individual items can be found in their respective sections.

  • Abuse resistance

    • Another problem we found with our current elemental status system was that it allowed players to dominate some enemies that were meant to be really intimidating way too easily with correct loadouts and arcana combos. We didn’t want to make them immune to even the most powerful status effects – fighting the most powerful enemies is when you can enjoy our most powerful tools the most – but we also didn’t want players to be able to trivialize them.

      This is what led to giving stronger enemies a growing resistance to status effects, if they are applied in a short period of time. Now e.g. freezing a Major enemy or a Familiar multiple times in short succession will result with shorter and shorter freezes, to the point when they will become immune to that particular status effect until that resistance wears off.

    • We feel this also makes sense from the lore’s and world-building point of view. One would expect a giant demonic beast to be more resistant to damage, including elemental damage, than a regular undead soldier.

Select Gameplay Improvements

  • Rebalanced economy

    • Gold

      Gold was always meant to be the more valuable loot, keeping the tensions high when it came to successfully extracting from the level. But its relative scarcity, along with its limited use, meant that it was a non-factor in many runs.

      In this update, not only do Gold sources become much more plentiful (with most optional events guaranteeing cursed treasure rewards), but its use have been massively expanded: in addition to quickening research, you can use it to buy The Collector wares, and you need to pay with Gold to start many research projects. Some of the most time-consuming projects now complete much faster, but come with a hefty gold price point. This means that you need to carefully think where you spend your hard-earned coins, and makes extracting with full bags that more exciting.

    • Incantations

      We have changed how you earn Incantations, catalysts necessary to upgrade all your gear. While you can still research them in the Vatican Workshop, they come with a very steep price. The best way to acquire them, then, is during your expeditions, as now they are rewarded for completing certain tasks. Higher level Incantations are only available on more challenging maps, making overcoming these challenges more enticing.

    • Demonic Ammo reserves

      Player now start each expedition with a single demonic ammo round

    • Luck

      Player’s Luck now affects more aspects of the game, increasing the chance for success for many different things, including loot, perks or events.

  • Melee Changes

    • Charged Melee now has a unique animation and v/sfx to make it clear when it’s in its most powerful form

    • Reworked hitboxes on enemy melee damage. Some of enemy melee animations were completely undodgeable and were not reflecting their weapon hitbox. This new system allows us to tune them more accurately which allows for some well timed dodges

  • Clearer difficulty tiers of combat arenas

    • The amount of enemy waves now depends on the difficulty tier:

      – Tier I has only one wave
      – Tier II has two waves
      – Tier III has three waves

New Feature: Dynamic Gameplay Events

This new feature allows us to change things during the expedition with the time you’ve spent in it. We will expand it in the future, but for now, it’s mainly used to control two new things: the minibosses (more on them later), and…

  • Map-wide roaming enemies

    • Their count and roster grows in power with time. The witch also usually grants them some agency: some might choose to guard your remains, some might defend the portal, others will try and hunt you down.

    • They also drop a small amount of ammo, so if you’re skillful enough you might come out of the encounter with extra ammo.

  • New Ammo Economy

    • With roaming enemies (and the vendor) added, we’ve changed the ammo economy in the game to make it more fluid, and less chest based. That’s why the ammo chest count per level went from three to two.

Improved Feature: More distinction between locations

  • Previously the two currently available locations in the game, Scarlet Coast and Irongate Castle, shared most enemy types, traps and events. Now almost all enemies, traps and some events are assigned to their specific locations.

    This provides for a better gameplay variety between locations, and allows us to craft more unique gameplay elements that would sometimes feel out of place if they were present in all locations.

  • Event rewards have also been diversified between locations.

Improved Onboarding

As mentioned at the beginning of the patch notes, difficulty is now driven by your Gnosis level. Below there are several other detailed changes we’ve made to make the game more fair and varied, while keeping it challenging.

  • Difficulty is now capped per map

    When you level up your Gnosis, the difficulty changes per map up to a point. This allows us to stop this difficulty progression at certain level on a given map.

  • Unique enemy rosters per map

    Some enemies are now exclusive to the Coast, while others are exclusive to the Castle. It should be easier now to buildcraft against concrete challenges they pose.

  • Target practice

    Woodsmen, arguably the easiest mobile enemies, are uniquely more common at low Gnosis, making it easier for you to get a hang of our weapons and abilities before attempting more demanding activities.

  • Better enemy introductions

    Enemies that spawn in combat arenas now are dependent on the arena tier. For example, early game Grenadiers can spawn only the Tier III arena (the horned skull on the map), and as you progress they will potentially appear on Tier II and Tier I arenas as well.

  • Fair Traps

    Only “fatally triggered” traps can activate a Calamity event now. This greatly reduces the amount of instances where you are punished by doing the right thing. Yes, you can safely shoot mines now.

  • Extra enemy marks for additional clarity

    For example, the last enemy from an arena or Calamity defender enemies have unique distinct markers above their heads that help with prioritization of targets.

A patrolling enemy

UI Updates

  • New screens

    • Added multiple new screens (Class Selection, Profiles, Gnosis, Vendor) which are described in other parts of these patch notes.

  • Waypoints

    • You can now set a waypoint on the map, which will be then shown on your mini-map and guide you to your destination. It should make the navigation much easier. No more need to check the map every two seconds.

Example Waypoint set to Tier III combat arena

  • Objective widgets

    • Added new objective widget in the HUD which shows up whenever you start a new event. It helps you track which events are currently active, and what are your objectives at any given point.

    • Please note that you can have multiple active events with many various objectives at once.

    • The new widget will help you understand what’s happening and prioritize what to do next.

  • New start-up

    • Added startup loading screen with a random quote about witchcraft and an animated skull. No more black screen when starting the game.

  • Other UI improvements / QoL:

    • Your Gnosis level is now displayed in the Preyer Screen

    • Start Expedition screen now displays witchfire gains caused by both the map difficulty and your current Gnosis level

    • Added ‘Back to main menu’ button in Game Paused menu

    • ‘Continue’ button in main menu now shows your character’s class and level

    • When you pick up any cursed treasure, the popup will show the information about treasure’s worth in gold. It will convert to that amount of gold on a successful extraction

    • Inventory: changed the action name (‘Consume’ -> ‘Use’, ‘Consume entire stack’ -> ‘Use all’)

    • Inventory: when it’s not possible to use any given item, a little popup will show up explaining reasons why

    • Inventory: item’s lore is now displayed under item description

    • Inventory: the number of items that are stored in the stash is now displayed under the name of the item

    • Inventory: made it possible to scroll through a list of items. You are no longer limited to having 24 items in Inventory

    • Gear Center: made it possible to scroll through a list of items, as now the list of available weapons doesn’t fit on a single screen anymore

    • HUD: moved area info to the top-right corner to make space for Calamity & Objective widgets

    • Settings: changed setting name to be more clear (‘3D Rendering in UI’ -> ‘3D Model Rendering in Menu’) (suggested by community)

    • Loading Screen and Game Intro: optimized memory footprint


  • New weapons

    • Ricochet

      Precise and powerful assault rifle meant for crowd control.

    • Hangfire

      A powerful hand canon, delivering explosive payload to your targets.

    • Hypnosis

      High-caliber bolt action rifle with incredible damage potential.

    • Psychopomp

      A shotgun that will sing in the hands of bold and fearless preyers.

    • Falling Star

      A grenade launcher to rain fiery death on your enemies.

  • Changes to existing weapons

    • Hunger

      – Lower Mysterium II bonus damage above 6 stacks
      – Mysterium III freeze duration shortened by 50%

      Originally, Hunger’s Mysterium II bonus damage stacks were uncapped, because there were limited ways to go over 6 stacks. But as more and more gear was added to the game, it became possible to reliably abuse that synergy to trivialize content. So while we still want powerful synergies between items and arcana, this particular power had to be reigned in a bit.

    • Cricket:

      – Base range increased by 15%
      – Damage falloff range decreased by 15%
      – Lowered critical hit multiplier
      – Increased base weapon damage
      – Increased window for dashing after a kill

      Cricket will now deal its maximum damage over a longer distance, but it’s damage will fall down faster outside its optimal range.

    • Midas

      – Burn duration increased by 50%
      – Damage when Overheated increased to 50% of base damage
      – Now Midas Overheats also at Mysterium 0.

      Midas keeps being the most divisive weapon in the game, both among our players, and among The Astronauts. It might be due for a partial or full redesign in the future, but for now we tried to address some of its detractors’ most common problems, while not changing its core design.

    • All-Seeing-Eye

      – Base damage increased by 10%
      – Mysterium I First-shot damage multiplier lowered by 10%
      – Mysterium III Decay damage lowered by 50%

      All-Seeing-Eye has always been a powerful weapon that felt lackluster in its base form. Changes to its base and Mysterium I damage should make it more viable (as it changes damage breakpoint on low-level enemies) while keeping its overall damage output the same.

    • Vulture

      – Increased critical hit multiplier
      – This bonus carries over to subsequent targets of Vulture’s homing arrows
      – Slight increase in base damage

      Changes to Vulture make it even more powerful if you can headshot a moving enemy with a projectile (an arrow). This is the philosophy behind the Demonic Weapons: a discharge of (earned) power that can be elevated further with skill.

    • Echo

      – Slight increase to base damage
      – Lowered critical hit multiplier
      – Lowered Mysterium II burn damage bonus and duration by 50%

      Echo always struggled at early-game ammo economy, which turned many players away from it. Above changes influence its early game breakpoints, giving it much better ammo economy against regular enemies, while not changing its overall killing potential).

    • Hailstorm

      – Increased ammo reserves

  • Critical damage multiplier tweaks

    Select chosen short-range weapons now deal less bonus headshot damage than the default value. This allowed us to increase their body shot damage to compensate — without ballooning their total damage potential. Overall, the change makes such weapons more useful to preyers preferring the close range combat.

  • Smaller weapon tweaks

    Most other weapons unmentioned above also got slight tweaks to their parameters but nothing that changes their core purpose and effectiveness.


  • New enemies

    • Woodsman

      Remains of elder villagers brought back to life by the witch by fusing them with the overgrowth on their corpses.

    • Mercenary

      Once trapsters and bandits pillaging the Scarlet Coast, today minions of the witch, looking for their next prey.

    • Ghost

      Some warriors simply perished when they encountered the witch. Then her magic trapped their spirits to haunt these hallowed grounds.

    • Holy Sister

      Sister of the convent defiled first by the order, then again, by the witch.

    • Devotee

      In their lifetime they did everything to be seen as true believers, but their true nature was never hidden from witches’ sight. She only had to reawaken what was already there.

    • Maceman

      Members of the last battalion to resist the witch during their attack on the Irongate Castle.

    • Warrior Priest

      Zealots in the service of The Order of the Broken Mirror.

  • Redesigned enemies

    • Screecher

      This enemy has appeared in the launch version as Larva, with minor fixes is now fully reintroduced into the game.

  • Minibosses

    • Drowned Captain

      “You are hit by a foul smell, and sudden unease. Drowned Captain is looking for you.”

    • Fallen Liberator

      “You feel the battlefield come alive once more. Fallen Liberator’s last stand shall be relived again.”


  • New Spells

    • Ice Stiletto

      Throw a fast, precise projectile that freezes your enemies.

    • Stigma Diabolicum

      Create a tumorous growth on your enemies, bypassing their defenses.

    • Inferno

      Summon a burning stake, and feed its explosive fire by defeating your foes.

    • Cornucopia

      Spend witchfire to conjure an endless supply of bullets for your guns

  • Changes to existing spells

    • Fireballs

      – Area damage now quickly falls off
      – Burn damage bonus increased by 50%
      – The spell now starts with a single charge
      – Gets an extra charge at Mysterium II

      Fireballs spell was always meant to “crack” enemies, prepare them to be melted with your weapons by applying Burn. Its area of effect was supposed to spread that effect to multiple enemies. With reduced damage to enemies that were not hit directly, a fireball no longer outright kills large groups of weaker enemies.

      Fireballs spell was originally designed with three charges in mind, each with a medium-length cooldown that usually ticked down between fights. However, when we switched to damage-dealt-based spell regeneration, you could no longer “reload” Fireballs between fights. To compensate, the spell’s cooldown was lowered. This however, along with the aforementioned ability to stack area damage, and three charges, meant that many builds could have 100% uptime on Fireball, which is obviously not what the witch wants.

    • Chain Lightning

      – Fixed bugs in the Shocked Status Effect

      Because of a bug, electricity jumping between targets dealt less damage to subsequent targets (as intended), but kept the same Stun Damage. This made it too easy to control crowds with electricity. What’s more, electricity jumping from one target to another also electrified those targets – which was never the intention, and made it much easier to keep the status effect active in prolonged fights.

    • Blight Cyst

      – Reduced number of charges to 1
      – Lowered Decay Status damage by 50%
      – Decay damage now increases with the Cyst’s size

      Like with Fireballs, the original Toxic Cyst charge design was insufficiently updated when we changed the spell regeneration systems. It was always supposed to be a “patient man’s spell” meant for setting up ambushes and chain reaction: new scaling Decay damage potential better suits that design.

    • Iron Cross

      – Spell duration significantly lowered
      – Iron Cross is also heavily influenced by bug fixes to Electrified status effect mentioned above
      – New basic behavior: Iron Cross now tethers all enemies that go near it, even if they entered its sphere of influence after it was already summoned. This used to be a Mysteria III feature
      – New Mysteria III: Iron Cross now electrifies all enemies in a huge radius when its effect ends

    • Rotten Fiend

      – Decreased spell duration
      – Redesigned Mysterium II: Rotten Fiend is surrounded by a Decay aura that continuously damages nearby enemies
      – Redesigned Mysterium III: Rotten Fiends aunts enemies in a certain radius around it, and keeps their undivided attention. This is indicated by additional particle effects

    • Cursed Bell

      – Decreased spell duration
      – Increased cooldown after tolling the bell
      – Fixed Mysterium III: now the first two tolls will never stun Major enemies, but the third one will always stun them.

    • Ice Sphere

      – Mysterium II and Mysterium III now work properly
      – Freeze duration increased by 50%

    • Smaller spell tweaks

      Most spells also got slight tweaks to their parameters, the above are only the most important changes.

Magical Items

  • New Magical Items

    • Monkshood

      Consuming spinning witchfire crystals grants you layers of protection

    • Mandrake

      Cheat death and strike back at your enemies with renewed fervor

    • Ring of Obedience

      Puppeteer your enemies, forcing them to mimic your moves

    • Ring of Wings

      Enhance your agility to soar in the air

  • Changes to existing Magical Items

    • Henbane

      You all knew it was coming. Henbane underwent a dramatic redesign:

      – Mysterium I: Significantly increases the effectiveness of Healing Elixirs

      This way Henbane no longer invalidates your investment in Healing stat, and can’t be abused by having a slow healing speed.

      – Mysterium II: Damage reduction after consuming an elixir

      Instead of providing full damage immunity, Henbane now heavily reduces incoming damage, keeping you on your toes. Fixed protection duration doesn’t reward players with the lowest possible Healing speed.

      – Mysterium III: Greatly increases healing speed

      Henbane was (and still is) an incredibly powerful Fetish. Granting players bonus health put it way above the power curve. Increased healing speed still provides great utility, but keep things slightly more balanced.

    • Book of Serpents

      – Increased Decay damage by 50%

    • Eye of the Madwoman

      – New Mysterium I: A thunder strikes enemies below a certain health threshold, dealing a flat amount of damage

      At this stage, the thunderstrike damage should finish off any enemy it hits.

      – New Mysterium II: The health threshold gets much higher for Major enemies

      This means that Eye of the Madwoman will provide damage support much sooner, while also electrocuting the surviving enemy, allowing you to spread some damage to surrounding enemies.

      – Mysterium III: Enemies hit by the thunderstrike get Stunned

    • Ring of Excreta

      – Decay damage reduced by 70%

      Ring of Excreta’s decay damage was always meant to be more of a combo starter than a legitimate source of damage. The original version was easily abused, and had to be reigned in.

    • Shadowmist Ring

      – Freeze duration reduced to 1 second
      – Freeze chance increased to 50%

      Having a low chance to freeze enemies was a way to control the incredible power of the freeze effect. But that made the freeze unreliable, more of a nice bonus than a real tool in players arsenal. Giving Shadowmist Ring a higher chance to apply a short freeze makes it a more interesting tool.

    • Painted Tooth

      – Fixed incorrect damage processing for various weapons and gameplay effects when this item was equipped.

  • Smaller Magical Items tweaks

    • Most items also got slight tweaks to their parameters, the above are only the most important changes.


  • New Events

    • Rarog’s Egg

      A legendary creature tries to hatch. Witch minions try to snuff out the new life.

    • Mirror Lock

      The most valuable of treasures were hidden from human sight with powerful enchantments.

    • Breadcrumbs

      The dead have no need for supplies. See if you can find them.

    • Explosive Package

      Deliver a gruesome package before it explodes.

    • Memento Mori

      Help a lost soul pass over to the other side.


  • New Traps

    • Maneaters

      Carnivorous plants lay in wait, ready to snap at careless travelers

    • Gargoyle Heads

      An ancient defense mechanism, brought to life by foul magic

    • Mystic Alphabet

      Only quick thinking can save you when you step into the circle

    • Antimagic Rune

      Tireless watchers, ready to strip preyers of their most powerful tools

    • Tar Pit

      A field of frost, sapping the strength from your body and hiding foul creatures in its mists

    • The Nest

      Nightmarish nursery, guarded by a horrific wet nurse

  • Changes to existing traps

    • Frost Snares

      – Frost snares no longer fully immobilize you, instead heavily slowing down your movement. To compensate they have a much bigger trigger area and the spawned minions surround a much bigger area.

    • Effigy of Plague

      Instead of providing area of effect healing, Effigies of Plague now grant a temporary shield that heavily lowers any non-elemental damage.

    • Lowered disarm time across the board

      Longer disarm times were supposed to build suspense, if you tried to disarm traps during combat. In practice, it was not advisable to make a disarm attempt in combat, so long disarm times only wasted the player’s time.

Sound Design

  • Sounds for all new content, and many updates to the already existing sounds

  • Two brand new ambient/exploration music tracks from Mikołaj Stroiński play under certain conditions on each map

  • Added dynamic thunders and wind gusts that populate the soundscape more and more the closer the Witch is to casting a Calamity onto the player

  • Populated the Hermitorium with multiple sonic details that breathe life into the space. (More of this will happen to all levels soon)


  • UI: Fixed the bug which made (A) button on gamepad activate Arcanum instantaneously after unveiling it

  • UI: Fixed issue with back button not working properly in main menu in some cases

  • UI: Fixed glitchy fade-in when starting game intro

  • UI: Tweaked camera blend in Start Expedition screen so that it doesn’t look glitchy anymore

  • Potential fix for crash with DLSS frame generation enabled (let us know if it helps!)

  • Fix to spawn system bricking – with special thanks to everyone in our Discord reporting this, especially to @geoffrey for reproducing this bug in the tutorial arena, by killing the zombie 1000 times

  • Improvements to long pathfinding requests – this should potentially help with stuttering in the Castle level

  • Fix to the bug that was causing some enemies to stop dealing damage if a fan translation was in use

  • Fix to Decay Fiend not aggroing enemies properly

  • Fix to enemy ragdolls on deaths – if an enemy gets killed by an explosion, their corpse should now flyyyyy

  • Fixes to headshot poses on most enemies and improved physics blending 

  • Fixed bandit dodging logic

  • Fixed Grenadier Volley attack trigger bug that was causing in to trigger way too rarely – laughs in hellfire

  • Fix to enemy player prediction system that was causing them to overshot by extrapolating player velocity during dash

  • Fix to weapon animations performed during slide causing violent camera shake

  • Fixes to enemy animation system allowing them for smoother blending

  • Fix to Wretch elemental shields displaying wrong color

  • Fix to high performance impact of Poison Fields

  • Fix to Attack warning triggering sound mix ducking even if enemy playing attack is in sight

  • Fix to interrupted spawn sounds in some cases

  • Fix Gunman praying and shooting actions overlapping

  • Fix to projectiles not being affected by the assassins calamity

  • Fix to enemies shooting projectiles while being frozen

  • Fixed Warden death animation when it dies from Decay element

  • Fixed collision on Buckler decay projectile

  • Removed OpenXR VR plugin from the build. It seemed to cause crashes for some of the players

  • If an enemy falls off the map they should now reappear on the navigable surface

  • Fixed player movement when snared, frozen or slowed down with various overlapping effects.

  • Fixed incorrect low accuracy cone triggered when ADSing mid-air

  • Handgunner’s self-healing is now paused when he’s frozen

  • Many heavy assets and GPU-demanding areas in the game were optimized

  • Texture pool usage is handled much better in worst case scenarios

  • Fixed lots of collision issues and holes to get stuck in/fall through

  • …and literally thousands of other fixes and updates


  • Hailstorm model missing when set as default weapon, fixes itself on expedition

  • Scarlet Coast Vault exit mirage can be dispelled before the boss fight ends (you still won’t be able to exit the Vault, though)

  • Irongate Castle Vault boss might momentarily walk out of the combat area

  • Poisoned Flower Fields might not properly wilt when the players beat neraby optional combat scenarios

  • Energy shields don’t snap properly to flying enemies (strictly a visual issue)

  • Some Woodsmen Eggs might float above the surface

  • Some Frost Snares might be slightly sunken into the ground

  • Frozen enemies may remain frozen in default pose after death

  • Frost Cone: Aiming towards Ogre’s head does not freeze him

  • Slight performance degradation – we are aware that the framerate got a hit and will address it in the upcoming patches

  • Flying enemies can drop their loot outside of the level boundaries (that includes Witchfire Manifestation crystals)

  • Sister and Devotee can occasionally slam their body into the player which causes clipping

  • Galleon can sometimes fire its shots far away from the player

  • Galleon can sometimes clip with geometry

  • Frozen Drowned Captain uses the Frozen Musketeer mesh

  • Triggers might stop projectiles mid air

  • In some instances enemies can walk through closed gates/mirages

  • Amount of remaining skulls on HUD during the Galleon calamity doesn’t refresh correctly

  • Inspect screen doesn’t show real weapon stats for new weapons

  • The Sister and Devotee have the same sound assets for their respective spitting attacks

  • The Mirage in the Castle’s dungeon is not triggering it’s sounds (not the rune one nor the opening one)

  • The Mystic Alphabet trap has some placeholder sounds that need to be replaced

  • The Breadcrumbs and the Invisible Treasure scenarios have some placeholder sounds that need to be replaced

  • The footstep sound cues of some enemies (especially Swordsman, Axeman, Maceman and Buckler) should be optimized for overall max concurrency purposes.

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