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Adrian Chmielarz
Adrian Chmielarz
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Witchfire Players Write Mock-up Reviews and It's The Best Thing Ever

We learned something unexpected

Before the release, all, or almost all AAA games go through mock-up reviews. Certain gaming journalists receive the game, usually in beta, and review it as if it were a regular press review. This is supposed to inform the developer and the publisher about what to expect from the actual reviews when the game is […]

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Witchfire Road Map Update, Ghost Galleon Post-Mortem

What's next?

Let’s have a short and sweet Ghost Galleon update post-mortem and then reveal what is next for Witchfire Early Access. At the top level, Ghost Galleon brought a couple of huge reworks of the core systems. Originally, when Witchfire Early Access started, the higher the player level, the more difficult the game got. On paper, […]

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Witchfire Ghost Galleon Update is Out

Spoiler-free hints plus patch notes update

The first big update for Witchfire Early Access is out now. Here are the patch notes. We have added the Known Issues section to it. And here are five spoiler-free tips for both new and veteran players: The Starting Class Choice The classes differ in starting stats and gear. Choose whichever class you want to […]

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Detailed GGU Patch Notes

...that also serve as sort of a guide.

Here it is, the list of things we worked on for the last five months or so. First the patch notes, then Known Issues at the end. Witchfire GGU Patch Notes New Feature: Gnosis Redesigned Feature: Calamities New Feature: The Collector New Feature: Mirages There is a total of four new tiny areas sealed away […]

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What's the Best Time to Release a Game or Big Update?

The day and month for the GGU are set: 04.04.2024. Let's use this as a pretext to talk about release dates.

The first big Witchfire update, codenamed GGU, should be ready soon but will be released on April 4th. (Knocking on wood, spitting, throwing salt) Why? Why not release it as soon as it’s ready? Let me use this question as an opportunity to talk about release dates and the myths surrounding them. How important is […]

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Seven New Things Coming Soon to Witchfire

Sort of a preview of the GGU patch notes

The last thing we said about the GGU — Witchfire’s first big update — was: We are now targeting February, possibly March. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s going to be March rather than February, but it looks like that’s it. Still, despite setting the month, even our biggest fans are beginning to be impatient: […]

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Making of the Witchfire Key Art 

What is it and why every game needs it

Every day I see something cool implemented for the GGU — for those who don’t know, that is our first big Witchfire Early Access update — and the work is progressing nicely. But I know you don’t want too many spoilers, so this week let’s talk about something else: our key art. The key art […]

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A New Witchfire Feature, Gnosis

Re-designing leveling up vs. difficulty

There is a certain element of Witchfire design that looks great and fun on paper and makes total sense gameplay- and lore-wise – and half of the players love it, and the other half hate it. No, not the Calamity system, we handled that in the previous update. I’m talking about the fact that with […]

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Learning How to Early Access

The yellow boxed GGU news...

GGU will be late. We are now targeting February, possibly March. It’s not a significant delay, but it is a delay. And it’s not as though we didn’t mention the possibility of a December release. So that’s our responsibility, and we owe you an explanation. I believe our reason is more intriguing than the usual […]

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