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Witchfire Ghost Galleon Update is Out

Spoiler-free hints plus patch notes update

Spoiler-free hints plus patch notes update

The first big update for Witchfire Early Access is out now.

Here are the patch notes. We have added the Known Issues section to it.

And here are five spoiler-free tips for both new and veteran players:

The Starting Class Choice

The classes differ in starting stats and gear. Choose whichever class you want to role play as or whichever looks the best to you.

However, if you are a new player, we do not recommend the Penitent class. This class is designed for veteran players who want the hardest challenge and the full experience of restoring your gear and powers from almost zero.

Classes also differ in the starting level, even if that information is a hidden. Penitent starts with Level 1…

Continue or Start Fresh?

We have added Profiles to the game so you can do both. But we do recommend starting a new Profile and playing the game from scratch. It is a familiar and yet different experience compared to the vanilla Witchfire Early Access. New systems, new paths of progress, new gameplay loops.

What If My Old Save Does Not Work?

We have tested the game on many old saves, and we believe they all should be working just fine. However, if something is wrong… Do not touch the save, and let us know on our Discord in the appropriate bug report channel. Do not worry, you will not lose your progress.

Possible Performance Drop

We are going to be open about this: Ghost Galleon is a big update that added many new things to the game. Witchfire is a little fatter now, and you may experience some slight decrease in the framerate. It is still a well optimized game, just …heavier than it was before.

If you feel the difference, and not everyone might, tweak the settings. For example, Balanced or even Performance DLSS setting is almost identical to the Quality one. Feel free to test various upscaling solutions, and graphics options. Witchfire does use a lot of your CPU, but anything helps.

One of the first things we will be focusing on in the next days and weeks will be the optimization of, well, everything, so we go back to where we were with the vanilla Witchfire Early Access, or better.

Leveling up Gnosis

Remember Bloodborne? You kill a boss, the moon enters a new phase. New things open to you, harder enemies patrol the old areas…

Gnosis is similar. After proving your worth, you can choose to level up Gnosis, which makes new things open to you, but harder enemies will patrol the old areas…

If you are a veteran player, you might see the possibility of maxing out the current Gnosis simply because you played a lot of Witchfire before, killed the bosses, etc. We recommend not doing that. Go one level up, then go on an expedition first to see if you are ready for more.

I think this is it for now. The next few days will be hectic, as we will be updating the game as often as possible, optimizing it, fixing the bugs, and adding Quality of Life features. Once again, if you have anything to say, report or ask, feel free to drop by our Discord.

P.S. As always, the screenshots courtesy of Jeremy / Digital Fronties.

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