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Seven New Things Coming Soon to Witchfire

Sort of a preview of the GGU patch notes

Sort of a preview of the GGU patch notes

The last thing we said about the GGU — Witchfire’s first big update — was:

We are now targeting February, possibly March.

I mean, let’s be honest, it’s going to be March rather than February, but it looks like that’s it. Still, despite setting the month, even our biggest fans are beginning to be impatient:

We get it. After all, when the GGU releases, that will be half a year since the Early Access premiere. That is a lot. It’s not like we’ve spent six months making the GGU, as the first two months post-release were dedicated to patching and smaller improvements, but still, from the player’s perspective, it’s a long wait.

As I said, we get it, and we owe you, so in this post let me satisfy some of that hunger by offering a bit more precise list of things to expect from the GGU.

I don’t want to spoil too much or list everything, but here’s the list of the seven most important changes and updates that the GGU will bring:

Player classes

Souls-style classes, meaning they give you a head start in certain stats or gear, but ultimately you will be able to achieve the same desired build with any of the classes. Some starting gear we are adding is brand new and should be a good choice for the first or fresh GGU playthrough. We’re also adding a class for the fearless preyers who want to bleed through sweat and pain in these opening hours.

Redesigned Calamity system

I’ve written before about how we are redesigning the Calamity system. I playtested the new version myself and can confirm it is much better. On top of the new system, we are adding three new Calamities. We are also redesigning a certain old one. Let’s say that when time slows down, enemy projectiles now slow down as well.

New feature: Gnosis

More details in this blog post, but in short, leveling up now does not affect the difficulty. Yes, you can now overlevel if that is your tactic. You will not be able to overlevel to insane values, as sooner or later farming witchfire in easier areas will stop being that effective. But still, it’s an option now.

On the other hand, increasing Gnosis — and thus the difficulty — earlier than anticipated offers a boost in witchfire earnings, as new enemies and traps enter the play. The choice is yours.

Gnosis is not just for difficulty, though. The world’s secrets open up the higher your understanding of all things occult.

NPC vendor / shop with unique items

It’s happening.

Witch Vaults

We have expanded existing levels with a new special/secret area per level, with the most challenging combat we’ve ever done. Preyers, Witch Vaults are now accessible for raiding.

Well, soon…

Get in, steal the goods, get out. None of these things are going to be easy. Actually, the Vaults, as optional content, are insanely difficult. You will have to gear up and be able to use everything you have in the most efficient way.

New things:

  • Five new weapons, including one new Demonic Weapon
  • Four new spells and four redesigned spells
  • Seven new magical items (fetishes, rings, relics)
  • Ten new enemies (some 100% new, some variations of existing enemies)
  • Five new events
  • Six new traps
  • Three new Calamities

This is some of the best content we’ve done. As I said before, the GGU is now in the production phase, so I am able to play a lot of it in a decent state. The new weapons are addicting. You know our philosophy: we’re not making weapons that are the same, just with different stats. Our weapons significantly differ from one another. In result, a new weapon means a new playstyle and fresh experience, and that’s what I’m getting. And I’m not even playing with the new spells and magical items yet…

Profiles / Save slots

This is fairly obvious and standard, but still, a much demanded feature even this early into Early Access. You will be able to keep multiple saves or share the game with someone else and have them use their own save slot.

To recap, March looks good, but as always, it’s done when it’s done. We are advanced enough with the development for me to share the above preview of things to come, so fingers crossed nothing changes. Meanwhile, if the wait is too hard, I can only repeat what the guy said:

This is not me being cheeky or anything. I’m sure your backlog is as long as mine, and maybe now’s a good time to play some of it. Unless you’re one of the Helldivers addicts, like some of The Astronauts… *cough* Karol *cough*

Till next time!

Question of the Week

Yeah, agreed. But — the invisible walls in Hermitorium are there to block off some unfinished areas, not to protect your spine. We will remove them closer to final release.

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