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Witchfire GGU Diary: Prologue

Why we stopped patching, what are the pillars of the first big update, and what is Valve Light?

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Witchfire Development Roadmap - October 2023

Trying to keep things spoiler-free...

Posted on 2023/10/11 Continue reading
The Good, the Bad and the Incredible – Two Weeks of Witchfire

The latest info, straight from the Vatican dungeons

Posted on 2023/10/04 Continue reading
(sticky post) Witchfire Patch Notes

All of the patches, all of the notes

Posted on 2023/09/29 Continue reading
Witchfire Early Access FAQ

Almost Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Platforms, FoV, and Centered Crosshairs

Posted on 2023/09/06 Continue reading
Playtesting Witchfire, or Why Are Playtests Important

At GDE 2023, we showed the game to fellow developers and asked them to play it

Posted on 2023/08/09 Continue reading
The Preyer

A short story set in the world of Witchfire. Writer: Adrian Chmielarz. Translation: Ryszard Chojnowski, Aeddan Shaw.

Posted on 2022/10/26 Continue reading

Oryginalna, polska wersja krótkiego opowiadania ze świata Witchfire.

Posted on 2022/10/26 Continue reading
Witchfire Halloween Week

How six Polish graphic artists see Witchfire through the lens of horror subgenres

Posted on 2022/10/25 Continue reading

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