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(sticky post) Witchfire Patch Notes

All of the patches, all of the notes

Posted on 2023/09/29 Continue reading
Seven New Things Coming Soon to Witchfire

Sort of a preview of the GGU patch notes

Posted on 2024/02/22 Continue reading
Making of the Witchfire Key Art 

What is it and why every game needs it

Posted on 2024/02/01 Continue reading
A New Witchfire Feature, Gnosis

Re-designing leveling up vs. difficulty

Posted on 2024/01/18 Continue reading
Learning How to Early Access

The yellow boxed GGU news...

Posted on 2024/01/11 Continue reading
Witchfire Design: Deep Dive into the Calamity

When I say deep, I mean deep...

Posted on 2023/12/14 Continue reading
The Secrets of Witchfire Graphics: The Photogrammetry

We've 3D-scanned in the past. What has changed?

Posted on 2023/11/29 Continue reading
Witchfire GGU Diary 3: Iron Pineapple and the Opening Hours

Opening hours of a game are a design challenge

Posted on 2023/11/22 Continue reading
Witchfire GGU Diary 2: Rambo, Time Stealers and Dark Fantasies

Explaining the design pillars of Witchfire

Posted on 2023/11/08 Continue reading

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