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The Very First Witchfire Playtest

A couple of gamedev friends played the game and here's what we've learned.

Posted on 2021/05/26 Continue reading
New Witchfire screenshots, plus man plans, God laughs.

How to work hard for three months and have (almost) nothing to show for it!

Posted on 2021/04/14 Continue reading
Winter (Update) is Coming ...Right Now.

The one about the minute to minute gameplay experience.

Posted on 2020/12/17 Continue reading
Witchfire Autumn 2020 Update – A Tale of Two Milestones

Ye olde trusted candid development report! With quotes! Okay, one quote.

Posted on 2020/10/07 Continue reading
Witchfire Development Update: Summer 2020

It's done when it's done but when is it done?

Posted on 2020/07/22 Continue reading
Come Midnight, Part II

Videos, art and documents of the hard boiled horror forever lost.

Posted on 2020/07/15 Continue reading
Come Midnight, Part I

The best hard boiled horror action-adventure you never had a chance to play.

Posted on 2020/07/08 Continue reading
When a Game Developer Looks for a Composer...

An unsolicited advice on the best ways an artist can contact a studio looking for a composer.

Posted on 2020/05/13 Continue reading
What It Takes to Make a Reload Animation in Witchfire

It's certainly more than we anticipated.

Posted on 2020/04/22 Continue reading

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