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The Preyer

A short story set in the world of Witchfire. Writer: Adrian Chmielarz. Translation: Ryszard Chojnowski, Aeddan Shaw.

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Oryginalna, polska wersja krótkiego opowiadania ze świata Witchfire.

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Witchfire Halloween Week

How six Polish graphic artists see Witchfire through the lens of horror subgenres

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What is the Warning System and how does it work in Witchfire?

A visual feature that we don't want you to see

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Witchfire Summer Game Fest 2022 Trailer

Also, Epic Games Store and Early Access news!

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A Date, a Feature, an Indie Drama and the Biggest Q&A Yet!

Also, images and videos from the yesterday's build

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The Very First Witchfire Playtest

A couple of gamedev friends played the game and here's what we've learned.

Posted on 2021/05/26 Continue reading

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