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Is Witchfire the Next Painkiller?

No. Saved you a click.

Posted on 2019/04/18 Continue reading
It'll be Done when It's Done

...but also, a short WIP video!

Posted on 2019/04/10 Continue reading
The Secrets of FoV

A word or two on something that should make a few PC players happy...

Posted on 2019/04/03 Continue reading
Art Direction Note + Wallpapers

Herman Saftleven inspired our first game. Who inspires the second one? Also, pretty pictures!

Posted on 2019/03/27 Continue reading
Making a Gun Come to Life

Showcasing what it takes for the simple act of firing a gun feel good.

Posted on 2019/03/13 Continue reading
Current focus: Combat Vertical Slice

Also, what is the Vertical Slice?

Posted on 2019/03/06 Continue reading
Aim Assist in Witchfire

The real black magic in our game. How does it all work and why?

Posted on 2019/02/27 Continue reading
Snapshot: February 2019

Shotguns and shields, walls and gates.

Posted on 2019/02/20 Continue reading

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