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It'll be Done when It's Done

...but also, a short WIP video!

I was to give one, just one advice to an indie developer, it’d be: Never commit to a date. I’ve made the mistake of committing to a date many times. “Anyone can err, but only the fool persists in his fault”, said Cicero. Facing the facts, I am, apparently, not the smartest man on the […]

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The Secrets of FoV

A word or two on something that should make a few PC players happy...

From the folks at AMD, recently we got a wonderful gift – a brand new ultrawide LG monitor – that turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. The blessing part is easy. Witchfire looks fantastic in 21:9. The curse part is obviously a joke but the gift did result in an extra […]

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Art Direction Note + Wallpapers

Herman Saftleven inspired our first game. Who inspires the second one? Also, pretty pictures!

What keeps us so busy in the art department? It’s maintaining a cohesive visual language while so many other development aspects are screaming for our attention. Of course if you say that gameplay is king …you are totally right. All good level designs cater to the core mechanics. Visual guidance, covers and navigation spaces create […]

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Making a Gun Come to Life

Showcasing what it takes for the simple act of firing a gun feel good.

This week’s post is inspired by this fantastic tweet: We chose to show what it takes to make the simple act of firing a gun feel good. It’s more modest than the above tweet that shows what is basically a full combat encounter, but we hope it’s still interesting for people who want to know […]

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Current focus: Combat Vertical Slice

Also, what is the Vertical Slice?

In game development, the “Vertical Slice” is basically a high quality fragment of the game, a short one but long enough to represent the game. Imagine one level of Candy Crash or one bullet-time fight in Max Payne. It’s a simple idea. The cake is the game, and the slice of the cake is, well, […]

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Aim Assist in Witchfire

The real black magic in our game. How does it all work and why?

Why does aim assist exist? Why does aim assist exist for mouse and keyboard? The answer to the first question is easy. Aim assist was invented to make it possible to play first person shooters with the controller. Aiming with the controller is hard and nowhere near the precision that the mouse offers (there’s a […]

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Snapshot: February 2019

Shotguns and shields, walls and gates.

We’re working on a so-called combat vertical slice, basically an encounter that shows off and proves all basic combat elements. We should be showing some of it to the public in March. Karol is sick and out today, but what is the rest of us up to this Wednesday? Adam started to mesh a new […]

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A Word or Two About the Player's Movement Speed

How fast is too fast?

Two phrases that spring to mind when we think of old school shooters are circle-strafing and backpedaling. The first thing helped avoid the incoming projectile-based fire and to keep enemies in the player weapon’s effective range at the same time. The second thing was basically the result of all enemies just mindlessly – or fearlessly, […]

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The Basic Philosophy Behind Witchfire's Combat, Part II

Literally half of the team is sick, so no real Witchfire material this week. At least nothing visual, as what I want to talk about does concern the game. Posted under one of our Facebook updates, specifically the one about the way we approach combat in Witchfire, a certain comment caught my eye. To me, […]

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