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Witchfire Design: Deep Dive into the Calamity

When I say deep, I mean deep...

Heh, I probably should not be writing this post. You’re not here by accident, so most likely you know we are a small team who made Witchfire (now in Early Access). A small team means each day of work matters a lot. One of my jobs – apart from management, finances, business, marketing, outsourcing and […]

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The Secrets of Witchfire Graphics: The Photogrammetry

We've 3D-scanned in the past. What has changed?

It sound hysterical today but in 2013, GIFs were all the rage. Yes, I mean short videos. But at the time, they were real animated GIFs. Not MP4s pretending to be them. We had no money to market our first game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. But we knew we had something better: phenomenally looking […]

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Witchfire GGU Diary 3: Iron Pineapple and the Opening Hours

Opening hours of a game are a design challenge

How did the video affect our daily numbers? – asked one of The Astronauts. I didn’t know. I didn’t check because I assumed it didn’t. The video I’m talking about is the one from Iron Pineapple, a YouTuber known for his reviews of Soulslike games. The video features Witchfire. Actually, Witchfire is the biggest segment […]

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Witchfire GGU Diary 2: Rambo, Time Stealers and Dark Fantasies

Explaining the design pillars of Witchfire

This isn’t the easiest blog post to write. No, nothing bad happened. It’s just that we had our Witchfire release party – hey, better late than never – last night. It started innocently enough… …but many bottles were opened that night and after the dinner we all went back to the studio and talked, accompanied […]

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Witchfire GGU Diary 1: Level Art and the Sunken Cost Fallacy

More Astronauts, more fun.

You know what is the common biggest mistake of a successful game studio? They start making multiple projects. I did it back in 1995. We – I co-owned a studio called Metropolis – just released Teenagent, that made us a lot of money, relatively speaking, of course. So we started the work on: It was […]

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Witchfire GGU Diary: Prologue

Why we stopped patching, what are the pillars of the first big update, and what is Valve Light?

In the episode zero of the diary about our first big update, I want share some light on why we stopped patching the current version, and what are the three pillars of the GGU (the codename for our first big update as described in the roadmap). Not a game exists that is bug-free. If we […]

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Witchfire Development Roadmap - October 2023

Trying to keep things spoiler-free...

Here it is, our (almost) spoiler-free, condensed vision for Witchfire. The things we will be working on until we reach 1.0. This vision is an amalgam of two different thoughts. One is ours, the designs we cook up and the worlds we want to bring to life. The other is yours, the players. We said […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Incredible – Two Weeks of Witchfire

The latest info, straight from the Vatican dungeons

Here’s a candid report on the first week of Witchfire. What went right, what went wrong, and what blew our minds. The Good The reception is phenomenal to us. Most – not all, to be clear – players and professional reviewers seem to like the game. Witchfire enters early access with a bright future ahead […]

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(sticky post) Witchfire Patch Notes

All of the patches, all of the notes

PATCH 2024.05.09 Unless some insane gamebreaker is found, this is the last patch for the Ghost Galleon update. Some smaller known issues remain (like wrong Stun meters in weapon descriptions) but, in theory, nothing big or in the way of fun. The game remains in a pretty great state, and we have already started […]

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