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Witchfire at Pixel Heaven 2019

Showing the gameplay at Warsaw's own retro/indie games festival

Showing the gameplay at Warsaw's own retro/indie games festival

Last week we showed two minutes of Witchfire gameplay at Pixel Heaven 2019.

We don’t have any plans to have a presence at any shows this year but we’ve made an exception for Pixel Heaven. Sure, it’s convenient, taking place here in Warsaw, but the real reason is that it’s truly a special thing. It’s a festival focused on both retro gaming…

Look at those, uhh, monitors… <3

and modern indie games…

Indies. Indies everywhere!

…organized by Robert Łapiński-led team of the most hardcore of fanatics. The love for video games that’s in Pixel Heaven’s air is hard to find elsewhere.

To contribute to the festival, we’ve recorded a couple of minutes of Witchfire and showed it at the end of Marcin Drews’ QA session with me (thanks to all who attended despite the delay).

An obvious work in progress build, with no sounds and the background music borrowed at the last minute from Mikołaj Stroiński’s Soundcloud (many thanks, my dude!).

We want to keep the whole thing exclusive to Pixel Heaven, again, just to feel like we also contributed something unique to this wonderful thing. But here’s a 30 second fragment of the video, with one new spell, and one new weapon, and in all that glorious shakycam quality.

Question of the Week

There will be …weapons you have not seen anywhere else before (to be clear, we mean the way they work, not the way they look), and weapons you’ve seen but don’t quite expect in Witchfire.

If it could be in a gaslamp fantasy, it fits our game.

For obvious reasons, we’re keeping the more unique and tasty weapons until we’re closer to the release. Some we will never show and will be for you to discover.

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