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Astrolife #5: We're making a game

(This is an archived old post from the previous version of the page.)

Here’s what’s happening at The Astronauts at the moment (and that moment is Wednesday, March 13th). Everything you can see here is “work in progress”, of course. Including our beards.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this glimpse into the making of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Click on any image for a bigger vesion. Let’s go!

That barely visible cone in the middle of the left screen is a part of the new system that Adam is currently putting into the engine. The system allows us to track if the players have noticed something important. The trick is in making sure that we tag the object as “discovered” only when the players actually found it, and not when e.g. the object got into the view by accident.
The Astronauts - Adam Bienias

Our other Adam is currently meshing an area near the start of the game, trying to find the best way to blend all the elements together for a cohesive, organic look and feel. There may or may not be some blood there in the final version.
The Astronauts - Adam Bryla

The technical sorcerer Andrew is trying to make sure that the game looks like it won’t run on your hardware, but it actually will – smoothly. He’s currently working on the LODs (Level of Detail) for the trees you can see in the background, minimizing the noticeability of the switch between LOD levels.
The Astronauts - Andrzej Poznanski

Iza is tweaking the color, tone and texture of the skin of the old man we have first seen in the game reveal teaser. The natural look is one of the hardest things to achieve in any game, especially when dealing with real-time rendering.
The Astronauts - Iza Zelmanska

Michal made a test level where he can check out how the foliage assets he’s creating – trees, grass, etc. – look when next to each other. As you can see, he’s one of those few mythical game developers who actually love to use a gamepad to run around a level.
The Astronauts - Michal Kosieradzki

Kamil is The Astronaut in a different city, so he had to take this photo himself. To an untrained eye, this may look like he’s working on the train track model and texture, but if you look closely… Let’s just say that the bloodied hammer under the monitor is raising some questions.
The Astronauts - Kamil Wojciekiewicz

Guess what Adrian is doing today…
The Astronauts - Adrian Chmielarz

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