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Damage Numbers and Health Bars ….Why?!

An in-depth look at the way damage numbers and health bars help with decision making.

Posted on 2020/02/26 Continue reading
Snapshot: January 2020

Monsters, weapons, animal skulls, mood pieces and mocap.

Posted on 2020/01/29 Continue reading
The Controversy of Looter Shooters, and is Witchfire One?

A short talk on what's good and what's bad about the looters shooters, and addressing the elephant in the room.

Posted on 2019/12/18 Continue reading
Internal Demo 2

It's done. What's next?

Posted on 2019/12/04 Continue reading
Stormball, or the lesson on original gameplay ideas...

What to do when your unique gameplay idea turns out not to be so fresh after all?

Posted on 2019/10/23 Continue reading
Breaking Out of the Development Lull: The Results

We did it. Let's talk what we've learned.

Posted on 2019/09/11 Continue reading
Breaking Out of the Development Lull

Risking an internal demo at the cost of fundamentals

Posted on 2019/07/31 Continue reading
The Dark Souls of Shooters, Part 2

Let's talk gameplay

Posted on 2019/07/16 Continue reading

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