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Adrian Chmielarz
Adrian Chmielarz
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Snapshot: February 2019

Shotguns and shields, walls and gates.

We’re working on a so-called combat vertical slice, basically an encounter that shows off and proves all basic combat elements. We should be showing some of it to the public in March. Karol is sick and out today, but what is the rest of us up to this Wednesday? Adam started to mesh a new […]

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A Word or Two About the Player's Movement Speed

How fast is too fast?

Two phrases that spring to mind when we think of old school shooters are circle-strafing and backpedaling. The first thing helped avoid the incoming projectile-based fire and to keep enemies in the player weapon’s effective range at the same time. The second thing was basically the result of all enemies just mindlessly – or fearlessly, […]

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The Basic Philosophy Behind Witchfire's Combat, Part II

Literally half of the team is sick, so no real Witchfire material this week. At least nothing visual, as what I want to talk about does concern the game. Posted under one of our Facebook updates, specifically the one about the way we approach combat in Witchfire, a certain comment caught my eye. To me, […]

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The Making of a Monster

Creating a good 3D model is one thing, but having it 100% support a vision is another.

In one of the previous posts we have shown what it takes to make a weapon. Now, let’s see what it takes to make a monster. The pitch to the fantastic 3D modeler Paweł Jaruga was as follows: A galley slave Same enemy faction as the “swordsman” Dead, inflated body of a drowned man Big, […]

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The Basic Philosophy Behind Witchfire's Combat

What do games like Dead Cells and Dark Souls have in common and how Destiny and Call of Duty are on the opposite side of the spectrum? If you said health, you’re right, but that’s just the beginning. Indeed, the first two games don’t have a regenerating health as the core element of the experience, […]

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Snapshot: January 2019

What's on our screens today?

The Witchfire development diary we’re running here usually focuses on the design (like how we work on weapons or what’s our approach to story-telling), but today’s entry is a literal dear diary entry. We’ll be doing these once in a while, probably monthly, and soon the photos will be accompanied by videos. For now, it’s […]

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When Witchfire was not Witchfire

How about a sci-fi post-apo survival sim?

Our new project is a good few years old. If we were just a bit more sane, it should have been released already. Meanwhile, it’s still in a weird pre-pro/production limbo (meaning some elements of the game are in their nearly final form, while some still exist only on paper). Why? It’s not anything new. […]

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Myths about Witch Hunts

What most people know about witch hunts is not quite the truth. That works for us.

Does the true history of witch hunts matter to us? Does it have an impact on Witchfire? No, and no. I mean, the font used in Witchfire logo was partially inspired by the real posters of witch trials.. …but generally these connections are shallow and superficial. Witchfire is all about “what if witches were real”, […]

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The Way We Tell the Story in Witchfire

Oh, so there is a story?

Normally, we’d have a development update here, or we’d take a peek behind the curtain, and then we’d finish up with a Question of the Week. But this time, we’re combining the two, as these words from one of the previous entries… To get one thing out of the way: Witchfire is not a story-based […]

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