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Musings on game design and games in general.
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Come Midnight, Part II

Videos, art and documents of the hard boiled horror forever lost.

In part one, I talked about the birth of Come Midnight. This here second, final part is about its life and death. Time to open the floodgates and see what we’ve managed to do during the year and a half or so of the development. Here are the documents, art and videos! Lets start with […]

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Come Midnight, Part I

The best hard boiled horror action-adventure you never had a chance to play.

The work on Witchfire continues, but there’s nothing to show for now unless you like heavy spoilers that don’t even look good because it’s all work in progress. So, I figured… Since most people prefer the entire saga, here we go. Painkiller didn’t make us rich. It was made for a flat fee, an embarrassingly […]

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Visual Revolution of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

This… …is not a photograph. It is actual 3D model of a church from our game. Before I tell you all about how we created such photorealistic assets (and, maybe surprisingly, why we are not using them in fully photorealistic way in our game), let us think about what makes it look real. Look around […]

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