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Witchfire Patch Notes

2023.09.30 – PATCH We’ve done an extensive pass over all the Light Spells, fixing, tweaking, and balancing them. Some even got new powers… Highlights Gameplay Tech HOTFIX We’re getting reports that the Castle has some performance issues on some setups. We have found one culprit, and even though this does not fully solve […]

Witchfire Early Access FAQ

“I won’t be able to squeeze that in” – said the programmer. “But it’s crucial it’s done. I cannot imagine the game without it.” – I replied. This went on for a while. I really wanted – no, needed! – a certain feature in the game. In my mind, it significantly enhanced the experience. Initially, […]

Playtesting Witchfire, or Why Are Playtests Important

You know that saying, „when the players tell you what’s wrong with your game, they’re always right, but when they tell you how to fix it, they’re always wrong”? There’s definitely some truth to it, but what if the feedback comes not from the players but from fellow game developers? Last week there was a […]

The Preyer

I was close to death, and this time for good. The witchfire in my blood had cooled, with most of it having already evaporated. Were the last drop to have gone, so would I be too, awakening in Hell. The rescue, unlikely as it was, came thanks to human greed and stupidity. The old nag, […]


Byłem bliski śmierci, tym razem na zawsze. Wiedźmi żar w mojej krwi wystygł, większość i tak ulotniła się wcześniej. Gdy zniknie ostatnia drobina, zniknę i ja, budząc się w Piekle. Ratunek przyszedł, jak to z rzadka bywa, dzięki ludzkiej chciwości i głupocie. Zarekwirowana w pobliskiej wsi szkapa uciekła niecałe dwa pacierze temu, spłoszona, przerażona. Czyli […]

Witchfire Halloween Week

We had an idea for this year’s Halloween. Witchfire is a dark fantasy game, and dark fantasy is a subgenre of horror. Because it’s basically fantasy plus horror. But what if, just for the fun of it, we showed the game through the lens of other subgenres? We asked around if any Polish artists would […]

How Redesigning One Core Feature of Witchfire Changed the Date to Early 2023

In the blog post with the Summer game Fest trailer, we wrote: We’re aiming for Q4 2022. But we will not release, not even in Early Access, until we’re happy with what we have. You only have one chance to make a first impression and we respect your time and money. It’s only the second […]

How the opening to Secret of the Monkey Island makes you fall in love with the game in three minutes, and how it inspired the design of Witchfire

Years ago, when making The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, I wrote about game design, using both AAA and indie games as examples. One of the subjects I wrote about way more often that I remembered was game openings. For example, I criticized Bioshock Infinite for they way it opens, while expressing my love for the […]

What is the Warning System and how does it work in Witchfire?

We asked you this: Reveal of features and candid devblog entries lead the pack, so let’s feature both today. If you follow Witchfire, you probably know the basics. It is a first person shooter with dark fantasy vibes. There are guns, there is magic, and there are undead swordsmen trying to kill you. But there […]

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