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The Moods of Bernard Kowalczuk

(This is an archived old post from the previous version of the page.)

We always say that we are a certain amount of Astronauts – and a half. Bernard, our concept artist, is that half. What does it mean? You will find the answer at the end of the post. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at a few samples of Bernard’s work.

(Click on any image on see a higher resolution version)

Bernard Kowalczuk
I always loved to paint, but when I’ve stumbled upon the portfolio of Colin Fix it became clear to me that painting with a computer can give better results than any other technique. And that being a concept artist must be the coolest job in the world.

A little less than two years ago my brothers bought me a graphics tablet and since then creating digital art with it became my passion.

Bernard Kowalczuk Art #2

The tablet I use is Wacom Bamboo, and the software is, of course, Photoshop – it has no competition, really. Sometimes I use SketchUp for more technical things. I’m also trying to learn ZBrush, but I never spend enough time with it to achieve anything worth mentioning.

Bernard Kowalczuk Art #3

A lot of artists inspire me, but the most important ones for me are: Feng Zhu (his free tutorials taught me a lot), Maciej Kuciara, the famous Craig Mullins and of course the aforementioned Colin Fix. I also admire comic book artists like Simon Bisley and Dermont Power.

Bernard Kowalczuk Art #4

The best thing about making art is that I can create something that’s completely mine. I can show others what’s in my head.

Apart from that, instead of focusing on one cool idea, I try for my paintings to tell a story. And I love that, because I’ve always thought – though never admitted it, as I am lousy with words – that it would be sweet to write fairy tales for a living.

Bernard Kowalczuk Art #5

Thanks, Bernard.

And here’s the kicker. We call Bernard our “half-Astronaut” simply because he cannot work with us full time as he’s 18 years old and still in high school.

Bernard scifi

What you saw here is just the beginning of the road for Bernard. If this is what he can do now, imagine him in a few years time. We find that thought inspiring. You make us want to be better at stuff, Bernard. Welcome onboard!

If you enjoyed these samples of Bernard’s art, there are more at his blog and his deviantART page. You can also find there higher resolution versions of the images we used in this blog post.

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