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Snapshot: February 2019

Shotguns and shields, walls and gates.

Posted on 2019/02/20 Continue reading
The Making of a Monster

Creating a good 3D model is one thing, but having it 100% support a vision is another.

Posted on 2019/01/30 Continue reading
Snapshot: January 2019

What's on our screens today?

Posted on 2019/01/16 Continue reading
When Witchfire was not Witchfire

How about a sci-fi post-apo survival sim?

Posted on 2019/01/09 Continue reading
Myths about Witch Hunts

What most people know about witch hunts is not quite the truth. That works for us.

Posted on 2019/01/02 Continue reading
The Way We Tell the Story in Witchfire

Oh, so there is a story?

Posted on 2018/12/26 Continue reading

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