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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR FAQ

What is it and how much does it cost? What if I feel dizzy playing a VR game? This and more — here’s our FAQ on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR!

SOMA and the Lost Layer of Narrative Design

How can a game have issues and still be one the best gaming experiences ever? Welcome to SOMA.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux Out Now!

Note: This post also includes Redux Patch 1.01 notes (later in the post).

What Her Story Tells Us About the Current State of Video Games

How did a small FMV game become Gamespot’s Game of the Month? Is it a “feminist propaganda”? Is it even a game? And why is it so good when it makes no sense?

FAQ about Ethan Carter, Unreal Engine 4, PlayStation 4 and More

How is Ethan PS4 different to the PC version? Will there be [insert favorite platform] version? What’s next for The Astronauts?

What Really Happened to Tale of Tales' Sunset

In a month, Sunset sold only four thousand copies, and Tale of Tales decided it was their final game.

When Two Game Designers Argue About Silent Hill

It all started with a game developer Jurie Horneman asking what is the example of a sequel better than the original game.

Dying Light and Damsels in Distress

This is what one of the writers of Dying Light said about the three major women in the game:

Five Best Games of 2014 from Game Designer’s Perspective

I hope you’re still open to talk about the best games of 2014, and you’ll allow me to join the conversation by offering my perspective as a game designer.

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