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Snapshot: January 2019

The Witchfire development diary we’re running here usually focuses on the design (like how we work on weapons or what’s our approach to story-telling), but today’s entry is a literal dear diary entry. We’ll be doing these once in a while, probably monthly, and soon the photos will be accompanied by videos. For now, it’s […]

When Witchfire was not Witchfire

Our new project is a good few years old. If we were just a bit more sane, it should have been released already. Meanwhile, it’s still in a weird pre-pro/production limbo (meaning some elements of the game are in their nearly final form, while some still exist only on paper). Why? It’s not anything new. […]

Myths about Witch Hunts

Does the true history of witch hunts matter to us? Does it have an impact on Witchfire? No, and no. I mean, the font used in Witchfire logo was partially inspired by the real posters of witch trials.. …but generally these connections are shallow and superficial. Witchfire is all about “what if witches were real”, […]

The Way We Tell the Story in Witchfire

Normally, we’d have a development update here, or we’d take a peek behind the curtain, and then we’d finish up with a Question of the Week. But this time, we’re combining the two, as these words from one of the previous entries… To get one thing out of the way: Witchfire is not a story-based […]

The Crossbow

A shocking revelation, but weapons are important in a shooter. But how can a small studio like ours produce enough of them, and each of high quality? Usually, the development cycle for a weapon goes like this: A designer designs a weapon: its functionality and the general look and feel. In the real world, that […]

Witchfire, a Year After Reveal

During the 300 years of European witch hunts that started in the 15th century, tens of thousands of women, men and children lost their lives due to superstition, politics and profit. But that’s our history and our world. In the world of Witchfire, witches are real. And you are the punishing hand of the Church. […]

Website Redesigned

Changes to our website: •    For a long time, our website featured project-related articles, as well as general game design musing, including reviews of other games from a game designer’s perspective. From now on, we’re focusing 100% on our own projects. It’s mostly going to be about our current project, Witchfire, but there might […]

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Appears On Xbox One

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is finally coming to Xbox One!

Our new game, Witchfire

Have you been wondering what we’ve been up to lately? Well, the new game we’re working on is called Witchfire. It’s a dark fantasy first person shooter…

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